Thursday, August 5, 2010

Animation Taking Over!

Hi everyone! I've got news to tell you!!

First, I've finished the movie! Yup! And so the new big thing is- THE BIG DAY!


The event will have both a media viewing and public viewing so everyone is free to come. It's At
the ACADEMY OF THE PREFORMING ARTS on AUGUST 18th here in Trinidad and Tobago!

So it's almost over, and I made it! A whole five minute movie- and a lot of work went into it, so you've got to be there!

See you at the viewing!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Trailer?

Wow! It's been a long while. I've been trying to get things wrapped up and for some reason that's taking forever!

No worries though. I made a small short-sort of teaser trailer thing for you to look at. Now you get to see the art in motion right?

So I hope you like it! Please tell me what you think!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Other Classmate Projects!

A short post after such a long time. This update is to give you the links to my classmates' blogs. Everyone has their own movie to do, and we're working hard on them- so be sure to check them out! on his Movie Untitled with his movie Faith about Project Ninja Slippers and his movie Flick!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Good News and Other News

A lot of things have happened since my last post. Last week, I came down with a horrible bug that's been going around, and was messed up all the way from sunday 28th to easter. I remember clearly because it I also had low blood pressure and the doctor told me no working on the project until the bug goes and I get a triple number over that pressure reading.

So I've been put behind schedule a little, but I can still make my project. I just have to be careful I don't have a relapse. O.O

Onto happier things...

I mentioned saying a post a while back that I may do something for Easter. Alhough I couldn't post it up for Easter, I did get to doodle Curious dressed for an Easter Bonnet Parade! ^-^

(If you click over here you could see a dark version of it on my deviant art page)

Easter as I said, wasn't the brightest that I had. I did get to be in charge of hiding easter eggs for my cousins though! We didn't have baskets but once you get chocolates I don't think kids mind much.

Also, when I got back to working on my project this week, I decided to take a frame out of my animation to show you what it looks like. This is an incomplete frame, but I figure it wouldn't be that bad to put up anyway. ^-^

(A very random frame...)

So, I've kept some of my promises! I intend to make and keep more. Stay tuned! ^-^

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well it has been a while now has it, but that's all due to the fact I've been working on the project, among other life related things. So this is just a hiya-update post, and I thought perhaps it'd be a good idea to go just tell you about what inspired me to do this project. ^-^

To get to and from animation class, I go by motorcycle. Yup. A Red 125cc Yamaha. So I don't drive it, my dad does- but I'm a small person at the moment. I will have my own bike yet. Or maybe a scooter... Until then, I sit on the back.

It's interesting to sit on the back of a motorcycle everyday. The traffic is the same, but you get through it faster than everybody else. Because of that, you feel distinctly different and separate, disconnected as it were, than from the confines of the car. There's no talking, none of the disturbances you get in the car, and music isn't the best idea either. It's you, your mind and the elements- wind, dust, rain and shine.

(Taken on the bike one evening on the way home)

This is just my own experience, but its overwhelming and humbling, relaxing and exhilarating. It's gives you lots of time to think (or dream a little) and you feel all..."Like whoa dude! The universe is, like, totally huge. It's the wave and the skateboard dude, you know, the organ and the violin. Its totally awesome duuude.'

Yeah, Crush the Turtle from Finding Nemo.

That's just how it is to me, and I wanted to try to express that in my peice.
Besides that all the cool stuff- You're on a motorcycle. A two wheeled vechile keeping itself upright only when its moving and has no real safety mechanisms per se, besides brakes and good stering. I mean, you can die anytime of the day in a car or just standing in the sun too long- but motorcycles just scare some people with how ridiculously easy it could be to die on them.

So I figure it's like you've got Life and this awesome one with the world experience on one shoulder, and the Grim Reaper waiting to take you down on the other. So bingo, you get Guarida, a guardian angel, and Grim, an angel of death.

Seeing the story a bit clearer now? Just a bit? Yeah. So that's where the story came from. Everything else formed after that. And yes, life and death usually gets a darker look, but the blog header and my wallpaper look a little bright don't they? Well... let's just say you need a light to make a shadow.

So I hope you can just sorta feel out the idea behind the story with this little inspirational ramble. My next post, methinks, I'll have a gift or two. Until then, peace out ppl! ^-^

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surprise gift ^-^

Hi everyone, I know I haven't exactly posted that frequently (a whole week dear grief >.<) but I have something to show for it. Actually, I made precisely for the um absent posts.
So I present.... *Drum Roll*

A Wallpaper! Ta DAH!!!
(Click it for a larger resolution

Yup. I made a wallpaper to show you what my characters look like.

Those are the three of them there running off the brim of the bunny's hat. Guarida in the white, Grim in the Black, and Gigi in the blue and green. (Yes, for some reason, I fell in love with the letter G for a small moment in time while thinking up those names). The Bunny, if you can guess, is actually the Curious Hare bunny for my logo staring for a little to introduce my characters to you.

^-^ Curious Hare might also get a little short of her own if I find the time. A short little thing, ten seconds maybe, just to present her character. Hum... and now that I think of it, Easter is sometime soon-ish, so maybe she'll end up in a little Easter get up. She is a bunny rabbit.

Hmmm Sooo the next time I post, maybe I'll tell you something about my characters. Just some tidbits and know-somethings. Ooo and snapshots anyone?

This is my first animation you know, and I'd like you all to get to know my character's and their stories. And I'd appreciate it lots if you guys tell me what you think along the way. Hey, and I don't mind pokes either. ^-^

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carnival Weekend!

Oh my, it seems I'm really excited about posting on this blog. My last post was fifteen hours ago. O.O

Well, for all the Trini ppls, it's Carnival Weekend! It's pretty sunny outside, there's wind, and excitement- and where I live, it's reallly quiet. Everyone else in the valley is out having fun somewhere. Which is just fine, because this weekend I'm going to work on my project!

*halfhearted yay*

Don't worry, I'll sit in front the TV and watch some channel 4 or C to see what's going on heh heh. That's what we do every year anyway, so this is perfectly normal.

Yesss I am a vampire! I don't like all the carnival sun LOL

But for all the ppl who'll be out on the streets jumping and drinking and stuff, make sure and have fun for me! Next year, I'll do something for Carnival. ^-^